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Alternative Investment Insights

Mar 05, 2020
Tiger Mynarcik answer the first 5 questions that routinely get asked by investors who choose to direct their own investments in commercial real estate notes and how to generate 8-10% yield for increas...
Jan 15, 2020
We understand that raising assets can be a challenging process for product sponsors. Work with us to get your Private Placement pre-approved on the Mainstar Trust Self-Directed IRA platform to make th...
Nov 27, 2019
You may have heard about "notes" before and it sounds great, but how does it actually work? How do you actually make money from buying mortgages?
Oct 30, 2019
Self-Directed IRA (“SDIRA”) investing is financially empowering and enables you to freely pursue investment strategies on your own terms. IRA-Owned legal entities and structures can significantly enha...