Investing in Real Estate

Real estate (or real property) is land, buildings or structures on the land, and natural elements attached to the land, such as trees, minerals, and water. It does not include personal property, such as vehicles or equipment, that is not attached to land.

Real estate offers diversification beyond the traditional stock and bond options tied to the stock market. With many ways to increase value, real estate is a flexible and attractive investment option.

  • True diversification

    Market stays independent from stocks & bonds.
  • Flexible valuation

    Real estate offers many ways to increase its value.
  • Multiple types

    Choose between many different types of real estate.

What is Real Estate Investing?

Real estate is a broad category of investments that allows an investor to diversify their portfolio beyond the traditional stock and bond options tied to the stock market.

Depending upon the type of real estate purchased, there is also more than one way to grow the value of the investment. In addition to property value increases intrinsic to the real estate market, values may increase as a result of improvements made to the property and/or when the property is used to generate income (e.g., commercial leasing).

Navigation Tip:

Certain individuals, including the IRA owner, cannot use, maintain, or provide services to the property while the IRA has direct or indirect ownership interests.

Types of Real Estate Investments

Single-family homes
Tax liens
Multiple family residential complexes
Mineral rights
Commercial and industrial properties
Water contracts
Rental/lease income property
Mortgage notes and trust deeds
Undeveloped land
Real estate investment trusts (REITs)

How to Invest in Real Estate

Investors have several options for purchasing real estate with IRA assets.

Once you have determined that a real estate investment is suitable for you, it can be purchased with your Self-Directed IRA or other retirement accounts at Mainstar Trust.