Leverage Your Experience


Use your knowledge of the real estate market to identify investment opportunities in IRAs. You can buy, sell, and flip just about any type of real estate in a self-directed IRA with the right custodian.

Single family homes
Fixer uppers
Multiple family residential complexes
Vacation properties
Commercial real estate
Undeveloped land
Mineral rights

Benefits of Investing in an IRA

Investors use their self-directed IRA assets to invest in real estate for more than just diversification.

  • Tax-deferred increases in property value

  • Tax-deferred rental or lease income

  • Tax-free investment growth in a Roth IRA

  • Avoiding probate for IRA assets and beneficiaries

  • Ability to roll over high balance accounts from workplace retirement plans

  • Option to purchase 100% ownership or pool with multiple investors to create greater buying power


Navigation Tip:

Once property is owned by the IRA, the IRA must pay all expenses related to the property and receive all related income.

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