Looking for Investors?

Investors may be looking for you – particularly self-directed IRA investors seeking new ways to diversify and grow their IRA assets. If you’re not already looking at the developing alternative investment IRA market as a ready funding source, you could be. Mainstar Trust can help.

As a leading alternative asset custodian and self-directed IRA provider, we hold a wide variety of alternative investments in our self-directed IRAs. Yours could be there too.

IRA Opportunities


IRAs are a significant source of wealth for many individuals. With the ability to defer tax on investment growth, and create tax-free retirement income with a Roth IRA, investors are both contributing to and rolling over their workplace retirement savings to fund their IRAs. With a self-directed IRA, investors are free to invest beyond the limits of the traditional investments available in IRAs and retirement plans.

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Only a custodian specializing in handling alternative investments, like Mainstar Trust, can hold alternative investments.

Get Started


Mainstar staff can assist investors with opening an account and transferring or rolling over retirement savings to purchase investments within an IRA. With your investment pre-approved on our platform, the investment process will be seamless.

You and your investor will be free to look for new opportunities while we safeguard the asset and oversee the compliance requirements for the IRA.

Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer your questions, provide exceptional service, and build relationships. For more information on any of our services, contact us 800-521-9897 or customerservice@mainstartrust.com.

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