Raising Capital? Work with Mainstar Trust to Get Your Product Pre-Approved On Our Platform


We understand that raising assets can be a challenging process for product sponsors. Work with us to get your Private Placement pre-approved on the Mainstar Trust Self-Directed IRA platform to make the investment process easy for new investors. 

Make IRAs the Focus of Your Product Launch

Mainstar Trust works with many non-publicly traded investment products such as Private Equity Funds, Private Funds, Hedge Funds, Limited Partnerships, Private Lenders and Limited Liability Corporations. At Mainstar Trust we are IRA experts, who can help you grow your business by offering a full spectrum of retirement accounts: Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, Individual 401(k)s, and HSAs to your investors.
There are currently:

  • $9.2 trillion in IRA assets
  • $19 trillion in defined contribution/benefit plans that will eventually be eligible for rollover in IRAs

IRA asset values will continue to grow rapidly as investors roll over money from defined contribution benefit plans into IRAs. As investors move their savings from workplace retirement plans to IRAs, they will look to diversify some of their monies into alternative investment products.

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