Formerly known as First Trust Company of Onaga
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If there is just one description I could use to describe the people at Mainstar Trust it is simply......their service. Customers are ALWAYS treated with courtesy. - Marty L

Innovative Leader in Specialized Retirement Services

Mainstar Trust is an innovative leader in custodial services that diversify and maximize long-term objectives for IRA account holders and financial advisors.

Who We Are

Mainstar Trust is centered on Trust, Innovation, and Flexibility.

Mainstar Trust reflects nearly 40 years’ experience of specializing in providing retirement, custodial services by delivering confidence, wisdom, and quality to its customers.


Mainstar Trust exudes a visionary stance in the industry, always looking for new and progressive ways to utilize emerging opportunities in the retirement wealth accumulation scene and offering solutions for forward thinking individuals.


Mainstar Trust offers unique and dynamic services that easily adapt to individual choices with alternative investments. The team is dedicated to providing ser- vices that are accessible, personable, and reliable.

Why Mainstar Trust

Mainstar Trust is the trusted guide for individuals looking for help navigating through investment waters, offering alternative, cost-effective retirement solutions, excellent services, and prompt, personal client contact.

Since our business is providing custodial service for your self-directed retirement accounts, you can count on us to provide specialized services designed to allow you to diversify and maximize your long-term objectives. Account holders gain more control over their future and know where they’re headed and are not limited to traditional investment options.