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Trusted Leader in Nationwide Custodial Services for Self-Directed IRAs

Providing custody services for over$8.5 billion in client assets.

Your assets are important to you. They’re equally as important to us. Since 1977​, Mainstar Trust has helped thousands of clients navigate the complex world of investing through straightforward Self-Directed IRA options that extend far beyond traditional investment choices.

We offer unique and dynamic custodial services that easily adapt to our clients’ individual needs and situations. With our ability to hold a wide variety of​ alternative investments and our unwavering commitment to customer service, you can maximize your long-term objectives and gain more control of your future—without the limitations of traditional investment options.

With Mainstar Trust, you can diversify and expand your financial power in a way that makes sense for you and then rest easy knowing your assets are protected.

"If there is just one description I could use to describe the people at Mainstar Trust it is simply: their service. Customers are ALWAYS treated with courtesy."


Why Choose Mainstar Trust as your IRA Custodian?

Custodial services built on flexibility, innovation, and trust.

Mainstar Trust is the trusted guide for individuals looking for help navigating investment waters, offering alternative cost-effective retirement solutions paired with personalized customer service and support.

We adhere to the strictest standards and federal regulations to ensure that your assets are maintained and accurately reported. With Mainstar Trust, you have access to trusted and experienced custodial services, plus the knowledge and support to help you navigate the way.

Clients in all 50 states

40+ years of organizational experience

Leaders average 20 years of tenure

Simple online setup and account management

Specialists in Alternative Investments

Some IRA custodians only offer standard investment options like public stocks, CDs, and mutual funds. At Mainstar Trust, we offer you the ability to truly diversify and personalize your IRA investments through a wide variety of alternative investments at a cost you can afford.

While some custodians shy away from processing non-traditional, alternative investments, Mainstar leans on years of experience in the financial industry to help you navigate your alternative investment choices.

What is a Custodian?

The custodian of an IRA must be a bank/trust company (federally or state-chartered), a federally insured credit union, or an entity approved by the IRS to act as custodian. The custodian is responsible for producing the legal documents to establish the IRA and accepting contributions to fund the IRA, including transfer or rollover assets. The custodian acts on behalf of the IRA to take control of the IRA investments and provides tax information to the account holder and IRS.

While not required by the IRS, some taxable accounts will utilize a custodian for ease of reporting and processing. The custodian will typically provide the same oversight for taxable accounts as it does for IRAs, but not necessarily all tax reporting.

We do not provide investment advice

Not all custodians allow all types of alternative investments, and not all custodians are experts at administering alternative assets. As a custodian, we electronically or physically hold customers’ securities for safekeeping. We accept a variety of self-directed IRA asset types, including real estate products, private lending, and private placements, for our customers to choose from.

We do not offer advice nor do we make investment decisions. We simply allow a wide range of investment options.

We are a regulated entity

We are a limited purpose trust company chartered in the state of Kansas. This means that we are routinely reviewed for our onsite safety, financial stability, and operational risk management systems. We are also required to perform routine audits to provide the highest level of asset protection.