Guest Blog: Investing in Oil and Gas: The Backbone of the U.S. Economy


Investment diversification is key to a successful portfolio! Whether that be in publicly traded assets or alternative investments using your Self-Directed IRA account at Mainstar. The Oil and Gas Industry is one of the backbones to a healthy U.S. economy and should be a pivotal piece to your portfolio. Join Troy W. Eckard, CEO of Eckard Enterprises as he discusses the different ways to invest in the U.S. Oil and Gas Industry.


Troy W. Eckard is the CEO and manager of Eckard Enterprises

In 1985 Troy started his career as an investment broker working for a licensed firm that catered to high net worth private investors, diversifying their portfolios to include energy assets. Eckard had the desire to create a fully integrated business approach in the energy sector which lead to several other very successful operations such as; Eckard Land & Acquisition, LLC which focuses on buying, leasing and selling mineral rights. FSH Midstream, LLC which is a private LLC started by Troy who is one of four owners of a major natural gas pipeline company situated with assets in the Gulf of Mexico. Eckard Global, LLC acts as an investment project sponsor for participating in working interest drilling and production projects. Royalty Fabrication, LLC fabricates steel tanks that are used by oil and gas exploration and production companies for onsite storage of crude oil, natural gas liquids and water.

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