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The IRA Custodian for Financial Advisors 

Why Financial Advisors Choose Mainstar Trust as their Alternative Investment Custody Solution

Mainstar Trust provides outstanding custody service at a great price, enabling financial advisors to utilize both self-directed IRAs and taxable accounts for greater client investment flexibility to meet long-term savings objectives. Mainstar Trust, a leader in alternative investment custody, provides personal custodial services to all 50 states. Mainstar Trust is a custodian that understands financial advisor needs and is accessible, knowledgeable, and reliable. 


Use a Mainstar Trust Account to Invest in Reg D Products, Private Placements, Hedge Funds, Non Traded REITs and More


The wide range of asset and account types supported by Mainstar Trust is listed below. Click on any individual item to learn more. 


Assets on Mainstar Platform

Account Types Supported

Reg D Products, Private Equity Funds Traditional IRA
Private Stock Roth IRA
Hedge Funds, Oil & Gas Funds  SEP IRA
Limited Partnerships SIMPLE IRA
Limited Liability Companies Inherited IRA
Non Traded REIT, BDCs Individual 401(k)
Private Lending Products Individually Directed Account
Common/Preferred Stocks Health Savings Account (HSA)
Corporate Bonds Taxable Account
Mutual Funds  
Annuity Policies  
Government Securities  
Certificates of Deposit  



How IRA Custodians Support Financial Advisors and Their Clients

In addition to our proficiency at holding a broad range of investments, Mainstar Trust is the expert that you and your clients can rely on to navigate the self-directed IRA and taxable account compliance requirements mandated by the Internal Revenue Code. There are many benefits to working with Mainstar Trust:


  • • Ability to custody all of your client alternative investment assets.
  • • Capacity to settle and hold publicly traded securities, mutual funds and CDs, providing you and your clients the simplicity of using a single custodian to hold assets designed to meet multiple savings objectives. 
  • • Multiple fee payment options, including check, credit card or from your client account deductions. Advisor fees may be taken from client accounts with client authorization. 
  • • Competitive annual account and asset fees with no market value charges. Grow your clients' accounts without worry about increased market value fees. For a complete list of Mainstar Trust fees, click here.
  • • Timely account set-up, transfer/rollover of assets and personalized service to support your clients' needs.
  • • Compliance expertise on Rollovers, Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs), Tax Reporting, Prohibited Transactions and UBTI
  • • Data integration with key providers such as Orion, eMoney, DST FAN Mail, DTCC and others. 
  • • Consolidated view of each client's holdings, transactions, and statements on our client access portal. 

Getting Started With a Self-Directed IRA for Your Clients     

First, review the sponsored products you support with Mainstar Trust to ensure the assets are available on the Mainstar Trust platform. Preapproval of sponsored products ensures that your client has the best possible experience and minimizes delay. 

Then, assist your client with establishing a Mainstar Trust retirement or taxable account by reviewing and completing the appropriate account kit for your client. Within each kit, you will find the Mainstar account application, transfer/rollover and purchase authorization form needed to transfer the asset in cash or in-kind. Click here to select the account option and kit of choice. 

Other key forms you will need to support your client: