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Why Financial Advisors Choose Mainstar Trust as their Self-Directed IRA Solution

Mainstar Trust provides the custodial and administrative expertise that enables financial advisors to offer self-directed IRAs to clients who need greater investment flexibility to meet their long-term retirement savings objectives.


A Trusted Custodian for Alternative Investments

Mainstar Trust has specialized in providing retirement and custodial services for alternative investments for nearly 40 years. From REITs to limited liability companies to private placement stock, we have the infrastructure and industry expertise to handle the investments for a financial advisors’ most sophisticated investors.

Mainstar Trust also provides custodial services for more traditional IRA investments, such as mutual funds. This provides financial advisors and their clients the simplicity of using a single custodian to hold assets designed to meet multiple savings objectives.


The Compliance Expert

In addition to its ability to custody a broad range of investments, Mainstar Trust is the expert that financial advisors and their clients can rely on to manage the self-directed IRA administrative and compliance requirements mandated by the Internal Revenue Code. Mainstar Trust helps financial advisors and self-directed IRA owners navigate the complex rules associated with IRAs including:

  • Retirement plan rollovers
  • Required minimum distributions (RMDs)
  • Tax reporting


The Mainstar Trust team is accessible, knowledgeable and reliable so we can build long-lasting relationships with our IRA owners and their financial, legal, and tax advisors. 


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