VIDEO: Why Self-Directed IRA Investors Love Self-Storage


Why Self-Directed IRA Investors Love Self-Storage Video

Investors across the US are taking their financial futures into their own hands. As they discover Self-Directed IRAs, they realize there are a large variety of alternative assets that will provide stability, predictability, and the opportunity to control their own destiny. They are no longer at the whims of the mood on Wall Street, a CEO scandal, or a war in the Middle East. But, this rush into real estate and other alternative investments means a new level of due diligence for investors. There are pitfalls, and some investors will get burned in the next downturn. (Remember those who invested in Florida single family rentals before they fell off a cliff in 2008). 
Join Paul in this brief video as he tells Mainstar Trust IRA investors why they may want to set aside their preconceptions to join Warren Buffett, Sam Zell and others by adding manufactured housing to their portfolios. Watch here! 

Paul Moore, Managing Partner
Wellings Capital

Paul Moore is a commercial real estate fund manager and author of The Perfect Investment. In his quest for recession-resistant assets for his funds, he stumbled into a surprise: Mobile Home Parks. Mobile home parks are perhaps the most recession-resistant asset class of all, and they are the only asset class with a shrinking supply and an ever-increasing demand.