VIDEO: IRA Asset Protection With an LLC


Not long ago, most IRA account owners were completely unaware that they could use their accounts to invest in assets outside of stocks and bonds. That is all changing. The growth of IRA assets being self-directed is at its highest point ever. Investors want more control and they want more diversification. Instead of only stocks and bonds, investors are purchasing hard assets like real estate and precious metals in their self-directed IRA accounts.

However, many of these investors don’t fully understand the legal risk they face by owning assets such as real estate in their IRA’s. There is a misconception that the owner of the IRA is protected from tenant lawsuits because the property is in the self-directed IRA. Harry Barth is the Founder and Senior Managing Partner of the asset protection and estate planning firm BarthCalderon. Harry sits down for an interview on the importance of guarding your self-directed IRA assets using an IRA LLC and exposes some of the common myths about this planning tool. Click below for Harry’s eye-opening interview.

IRA Asset Protection With an LLC from Mainstar Trust on Vimeo.