GUEST BLOG: The #1 Asset Class Americans Prefer


Savvy investors understand how investments like private real estate can create a balanced portfolio, as they provide a hedge against stock market volatility. With the passing of the JOBS Act in 2012, investing in real estate for retirement is even easier as investors use self-directed IRAs to purchase REIT stocks. Find out why real estate investing continues to be America's favorite alternative investment. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Thomas Parker, Director of Investor Relations


As Director of Investor Relation for Upside Avenue, an award-winning public non-traded REIT which allows investors to reap the benefits of multifamily real estate with contributions of as low as $2,000, Thomas Parker is responsible for managing investor and wealth advisor relationships. He specializes in providing educational insights on the multifamily real estate market and the benefits of real estate investment trusts. 

Tom brings real estate and relationship management experience to Upside Avenue from his time at Trammel Crow Residential and the Press Office of Texas Governor Gregg Abbot. He holds a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree with a Minor in Corporate Communications, as well as a Real Estate Finance certification from the University of Texas at Austin.

Tom is passionate about food, fitness, hiking, fishing, hunting, sports, live music, and spending time with friends. 


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