COVID-19 Announcement


Mainstar Trust continues to closely monitor the situation regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus), taking into account guidance from the CDC and World Health Organization, regulators, and local public health departments. Mainstar has activated its Pandemic Plan and is deploying a number of proactive business continuity protocols to ensure its ability to serve client needs.

Some of the actions Mainstar has implemented include:

  • Deploying social distancing practices, including work from home and team rotations.
  • Adapting, refining where appropriate, and deploying established and tested transfer of work protocols.
  • Evaluating current Business Continuity Plans to include extended periods, along with operating with a significantly reduced workforce.
  • Monitoring potential vendor risks, including those from software, data and other critical vendors.
  • Rescheduling, postponing scheduled meetings, and utilizing virtual meeting formats where appropriate.
  • Limiting or eliminating non-essential business travel. 

Mainstar Trust will update these resources as the situation continues to evolve.

We appreciate your confidence and flexibility during this challenging time. If you have additional questions, please contact our Customer Service team at or 800-521-9897.