Use a Mainstar Trust Account to Invest in a Non-Traded REIT or BDC

Mainstar Trust fees for accounts holding Non-Traded REITs or BDCs:

  1 Non-Traded REIT/BDC 2 Non-Traded REIT/BDC 3 Non-Traded REIT/BDC 4 Non-Traded REIT/BDC
Annual Account Fee $130 $130 $130 $130
Annual Asset Fee $24 $48 $72 $96
Total Annual Cost*/** $154 $178 $202 $226

* Does not include one-time set-up fee of $25, transaction activity fees, or fees related to other holdings.

** Annual account fee may differ by account type.

For a complete list of Mainstar Trust fees click here.

Contact Mainstar Trust at 1-800-521-9897 to see if Mainstar Trust has already accepted the specific Non-Traded REIT or BDC as administratively feasible. 

If the REIT or BDC has not been accepted for administrative feasibility, contact your advisor or the product sponsor to provide the following required documents to Mainstar Trust:

  • Completed Mainstar Trust Asset Information Worksheet
  • Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization
  • Prospectus or Memorandum
  • Subscription documents

Email all documents to for review and acceptance prior to opening an account or executing a purchase. 

Once Mainstar Trust has accepted the Non-Traded REIT or BDC as administratively feasible, open your Mainstar Trust account (see » below). Then email the following required documents to or contact us at 800-521-9897: 

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