Use a Mainstar Trust Account to Invest in Private Lending Products

Mainstar Trust fees for accounts holding Private Lending products:

  1 Note 2 Notes 3 Notes 4 Notes
Annual Account Fee $130 $130 $130 $130
Annual Asset Fee $75 $150 $225 $300
Total Annual Cost*/** $205 $280 $355 $430

* Does not include one-time set-up fee of $25, transaction activity fees, or fees related to other holdings.

** Annual account fee may differ by account type.

For a complete list of Mainstar Trust fees click here.

Email the following required documents to for an administrative review or contact Mainstar Trust at 800-521-9897:

  • Completed Asset Information Worksheet for Notes
  • Original, fully executed Note (or copy if original is held by Servicing Agent
    • The note must delineate the specific interest rate, payment schedule and maturity date)
  • Amortization Schedule and/or Payment History
  • Deed of Trust, Mortgage, Security Agreement (if secured)
  • Prospectus, Memorandum and/or Subscription documents (if applicable)
  • Provide an opinion letter from a qualified professional if the borrower can be considered a disqualified individual according to IRC 4975.
    • IRA investors are encouraged to consult with professional advisors to ensure that you understand tax, legal or investment issues related to the use of IRA funds in Private Notes. Also, refer to IRS 590, 598, UBTI IRC 4975, Prohibited Transactions and DOL Plan Asset Rules.
    • For a list of IRS prohibited transactions in IRAs click here

Once Mainstar Trust has accepted the Private Note as administratively feasible, open your Mainstar Trust account (see » below). Then email the following required documents to or contact us at 800-521-9897:

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