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Invest in a Non-Traded REIT or BDC

• Mainstar Trust fees for accounts holding Non-Traded REITs or BDCs


* Does not include one-time set-up fee of $25, transaction activity fees, or fees related to other holdings. **Annual account fee may differ for Individual 401(K), HSA, EBP, and taxable accounts.

• For a complete list of Mainstar Trust fees click here.

• Contact Mainstar Trust at 1-800-521-9897 to see if Mainstar Trust has already accepted the specific Non-Traded REIT or BDC as administratively feasible. 

• If the REIT or BDC has not been accepted for administrative feasibility, contact your advisor or the product sponsor to provide the following required documents to Mainstar Trust:

  • • Completed Mainstar Trust Asset Information Worksheet
  • • Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization
  • • Prospectus or Memorandum
  • • Subscription documents
  • •Sample copy of a confirmation or certificate
    • • Mainstar Trust requests the sponsor to provide a sample copy of a confirmation or certificate to ensure that the sponsor understands what must be confirmed back to Mainstar Trust on every transaction. 

      Please provide a sample confirmation on company letterhead to Mainstar Trust and include the following:
      • • the date the purchase was processed
      • • the number of shares/units purchased
      • • the total value of the shares/units purchased
      • • how the dividends are being paid, (cash or reinvest)
      • • the confirmation will need to be signed and dated by an authorized signor of the sponsor


• Email all documents to for review and acceptance prior to opening an account or executing a purchase. 


• Once Mainstar Trust has accepted the Non-Traded REIT or BDC as administratively feasible, open your Mainstar Trust account (see » below). Then email the following required documents to or contact us at 800-521-9897: 


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