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May 28, 2019

VIDEO: Yet Another Option for Self-Directed IRA

Asking "What If" has always served us well. In this case what if rather than being the one to pay into a mortgage, you could be the one receiving those payments? What if you could be the bank? What if you could control an asset without owning it? Welcome to Note Investing. A way to avoid the pitfalls of owning property and doing away with almost all of the liability that comes along with it while at the same time being able to enjoy the same, or better, cash flow.
A perfect fit for a Self-Directed IRA, watch the video for a brief introduction into this fascinating and lucrative investment vehicle by someone who has been in the trenches for 10 years.
Meet Nathan Turner
Nathan Turner is known in the note world as "the Canadian Note Guy." With a degree in Business Management, Nathan had owned his own businesses and been a franchisee before he discovered that real estate is in his blood. He got a taste for real estate investing in Canada starting in 2006, but shifted to US real estate two years later. He started in the states by creating loans and eventually evolved into buying non performing notes with the intention of taking back the house in order to seller finance. Having had the experience of working in key partnerships, Nathan then now branched out on his own. He started  to build a portfolio in the spring of 2015 and over the last few years has transacted over 100 deals. Nathan is well known in the note community and has spoken at various conference.

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