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Apr 04, 2018
Mainstar Trust, formerly known as First Trust Company of Onaga, is excited to announce that it has been named as one of Wealth Advisor’s 2017’s America’s Best IRA Custodians. 
Wealth Advisor conducted an independent survey in June 2017 to uncover investor preferences and attitudes toward a selection of IRA custodians. Respondents were asked to rank their experiences with the custodian and identify the top factors for selecting a custodian to work with.

According to the survey, the three top factors that investors look for when deciding on a custodian are:

• Reputation and length of time in the business

• Quality of service based on testimonials and referrals

• Availability of in-house experts

Jean Meyer, president of Mainstar Trust, says, We are pleased to have made the Winners List for the third time this year. We are continuing to make improvements to our technology and our processes to ensure our company offers the best quality customer service.”

About Mainstar Trust

Mainstar Trust, formerly known as First Trust Company of Onaga, is an innovative leader in specialized retirement custodial services that diversify and maximize long-term objectives for IRA account holders and financial advisors. Mainstar Trust reflects nearly 40 years’ experience of providing specialized retirement, custodial services by delivering confidence, wisdom, flexibility, and quality to its customers.

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