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Jul 02, 2018

America's Best IRA Custodians of 2018

Mainstar Trust is an innovative leader in specialized retirement custodial services that diversify and maximize long-term objectives for IRA account holders and financial advisors. They reflect 40 years experience of specializing in providing retirement, custodial services by delivering confidence, wisdom, and quality to its customers.


Mainstar Trust is pleased to announce that it has been named in the top three of Wealth Advisor’s Best Self-Directed IRA Custodians for 2018.

Top IRA Custodians

Wealth Advisor designed an independent survey of over 200,000 subscribers in order to determine the preference of investors when selecting an IRA custodian. Investors ranked their experience with each custodian and selected the factors they believed were most important when it came to choosing a custodian.


For 2018, the top three factors investors seek when selecting a custodian are:

• Reputation and length of time in the business

• Quality of service based on testimonials and referrals

• Availability of in-house experts


Mainstar Trust is proud to have a reputation of expertise and quality service, whose values of trust, innovation, and flexibility allow them to be a top choice for those investing in their future.

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